Privacy Policy and Use Terms

1. Acceptance of the Terms

The use of the website property of Escalona Production GmbH, it is absolutely voluntary and it supposes the full acceptance from now on for who consents to the same one, the User, of all the effective General Conditions of Use in each moment that you are in the present address, the User will read reason why attentively and to accept without any type of reservations the Political present of Privacy before carrying out any operation type, visioned, use, etc. with the website.

The user commits to not using the website or his services and form contents contrary to that prepared by the effective legislation. Escalona Producion GmbH it reserved the right to retire the access to the present webpage, without necessity of previous warning, to any user that contravenes that prepared under these General Conditions of Use.

2. Object

Escalona Production GmbH, it provides clear and gratuitous information to the Users about the products and services that it provides to their clients and their characteristics and information on the own entity.

In they could be carried out links to other pages, which are not negotiated by Escalona Production GmbH. This links come from other sources of information, not supposing their inclusion, recommendation, invitation or suggestion for the visit of the pages and therefore Escalona Production GmbH it declines all responsibility that can be able to when consenting to the pages of third.

3. Intellectual Property and Industrial

The User recognizes and it accepts that all the rights of industrial property and intellectual on the contents and any other elements inserted in the website belong to Escalona Production GmbH or to their clients.

All material presented in this website has royalties and they are authorized by the composers in having written to the use of its material. It is not authorized any individual, corporation, group or other to use, to copy, to imitate, to market the music and compositions presented without the written authorization of their proprietors. It is noticed of the penalties and criminal effects of the piracy.

Escalona Production GmbH, it authorizes the establishment of links among other webs and his, provided it is respected the following conditions:

• That the link doesn't settle down from a web whose contents are contrary to the Law, to the morals and the public order.
• That doesn't offer an image of Escalona Production GmbH, of their clients, music and image that it is distorted, harmful or mistaken.
• That doesn't make the impression that it converges a nonexistent relationship or commercial linking among Escalona Production GmbH and the holders, responsible or advertisers from which the link is believed when this it is not the case.
• That one doesn't believe the impression that the contents or web of Escalona Production GmbH they belong or they have been designed by the holders, responsible or advertisers in the web from which the link settles down.
4. Modification

Escalona Production GmbH it is reserved the right of modifying in any moment the present General Conditions of Use as well as any other general or particular conditions, use regulations or warnings that are of application. Likewise the right is reserved of modifying in any moment the presentation, configuration and localization of the Place Web, as well as the contents and the conditions required to use the same ones.

5. Contact

If you has some question of the meaning or to the application of this document, please send those doubts to []. The communications by mail electronic they are not necessarily safe, so please it doesn't include information about their credit card or some delicate information in the electronic mail that sends us. If you not discover any alteration authorized to the website by a third part, some nonfulfillment to our politicians and terms or undue use of our intellectual material, contact us to (electronic address).